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How I display my jewelry

I’m not a hoarder.  Unless it involves beads, then I’m a hoarder.

displayI started making jewelry when I was 12 years old, starting with safety pin bracelets in the 1980s.   I used to store most of my jewelry in boxes inside the cabinets, but I found myself wearing the same things over and over again.

The first thing I tried was covering bulletin boards hung on the wall with white fabric and pinning all of the jewelry to them.  That looked nice, but I quickly ran out of space and it proved difficult to keep them looking neat.  You don’t always want to fiddle with pins and making things look pretty at the end of the day.

My current solution for mass storage is to use Bygel rails from Ikea with hundreds of hooks for necklaces.  As crowded as those rails are, I can still fit many more items on them and the necklaces stay tangle-free.

The ring rack is a thread spool holder from a craft store, and of course there are traditional racks for bracelets and earrings and several necklace busts for larger or more delicate pieces.

I give it another few years before I have to start expanding to other walls.

2014-12-09 09.16.43