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Emily the train cake

decorating the serving platter
My mother decorating the serving platter

A few times each year I make special birthday cakes, and last year my nephew, Ben, wanted a cake of Emily from the Thomas the Train series.  Obviously I give adorable 2 year olds whatever they ask me for, as any sensible adult would.

I enlist my mother’s decorating help whenever I can, because she excels at making a spectacular setting for the cake.

And yes, that’s store bought icing — not the best idea for keeping a complicated cake together.  Buttercream works much better for structural stability, but I was rather rushed on time for this project.

Cutting cake into train shapes
Cutting cake into train shapes
icing the cake
Icing the cake

counter space
Cake decorating requires a lot of counter space.
completed cake
The completed Emily cake
admiring the cake
Nephews and their Mom admiring the cake

The cake was a hit!  It takes a lot of time and effort to make a cake like this.  I enjoy the challenge, but the real reward is when you see the amazed look on a loved one’s face.