May 100,000 wrapped loops bloom!

Almost 8 years ago I uploaded a video to youtube showing the basics of making a wrapped loop (a useful skill for making jewelry!), and then I promptly forgot about it.  Today I went to look at it and saw that there are almost 100,000 views of it!  I’m feeling very warm and fuzzy from the positive comments about how much it helped people learn this tricky little maneuver.  Maybe I should make more of these?

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  1. Yes, that video is great. You speak and explain clearly and slowly. Really helpful as I am self taught, via youtube tutorials. Would love to sell what I made but I live on the Outer Hebrides (UK, Scotland). The isle of South Uist has very few shops and is isolated with constant storms. I have health problems so making jewellery from home is ideal.We r a family on benefits and I d like to put an end to that and give my daughter, Jessica (15) a good future).
    Tutorials like yours have been a life saver and I wanted to thank you.Could not afford jewellery classes and there are none here anyway.
    if you knew of any online place which is serious , safe where I could sell my work without being lost in the crowd like on Amazon I d be really grateful for any info/advise you might give. My dream is to start a small craft shop on the island but : one step at a time!

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